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I wish to protest at Western Power’s “Powering Perth’s Communities” project, the so called “fresh approach” to the Eastern Terminal Substation project.

Western Power is not adhering to its undertaking given on 11 August to conduct an “open book” style of consultation with the community, or its promise to involve the broader community in an “agreed engagement model” for Phase 1 of Powering Perth’s Communities.

I do not believe Western Power’s “Focus Group” is representative of the broader community, as Western Power have set the parameters for the process and material to be considered, and Western Power will choose the participants for the focus group meetings. The broader community will not have access to information on, or any involvement in the development of a solution.

I also wish to register my strong objection to any “tie-in” (gantry) along Mundaring Weir Road, as it is a major tourism route.

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Our State Government is under huge pressure from Western Power and big polluting power generators lobbyists to further their own interests with little concern for what kind of Western Australia will be left behind after their destructive plans are fulfilled. There is no more time to wait. We need your help to stand up for the environment and our kids' future.

The submission of more than 600 letters and documents to Western Power on its site selection process, was instrumental in Western Power announcing that it was going back to the drawing board with the Eastern Terminal project.  But unfortunately Western Power are demonstrating that they have no intention of making a "Fresh Start".

With Western Power’s recent rebranding of the project as “Powering Perth’s Community” in a blatant attempt to downplay community concern, now is the time for us all to express our concerns to our State MP’s.

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