Election 2008. Your local candidate's position on Eastern Terminal.

Here is a transcription of the responses received from local election candidates when our group questioned them on their positions on Eastern Terminal.  See http://stopeasternterminal.org.au/post/2008/09/Election-2008-Here-is-your-local-candidates-official-position-on-Eastern-Terminal.aspx for more details.  We've put this here for ease of reading.

John Day, Liberal, Kalamunda

Thankyou for your letter of 7 August 2008 concerning the proposal by Western Power to establish an eastern terminal in the vicinity of the Shires of Kalamunda and Mundaring.

My view is that before any decision is made, Western Power has a responsibility to fully consult with the local community and to consider all possible options, including possible alternatives to an eastern terminal. The outcome therefore should be such that any environmental and social impact is minimised.

Therefore, I would want to see clear evidence that such a project is essential in order for Western Power to meet its obligations to provide electricity transmission infrastructure. 

My understanding is that Western Power will be undertaking further consultations with members of the local community and in essence, has gone back to "square one".

As you will be aware, I have ensured that your concerns have been made clear to the Government and Western Power through Parliament and otherwise.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

John Day

Member for Darling Range

Shadow Minister for Planning and Energy

Julianna Plummer, Labor, Kalamunda

Dear John

Thankyou for your message and for the opportunity to meet with you regarding the Eastern Terminal Switchyard.  I also want to acknowledge SETS and your hard work and dedication.

My local Labor Branch and I put in a submission opposing the development.  As I explained at the public meeting, I am opposed to the Eastern Terminal Switchyard, regardless of the outcome of the election my feeling towards this will remain the same.

With regards

Julianna Plummer

Candidate for Kalamunda

Toni Warden, Greens, Kalamunda

Dear John

As you would be aware through my work with the SETS group, I am strongly against the development of Eastern Terminal and have committed a great deal of my time and money to fight it over the past twelve months.

I simply don’t believe Western Power’s claim that it is unlikely that Eastern Terminal will ever be fully developed as a terminal substation. It is clear from Western Power's 20 year plan that the final stage of development for Eastern Terminal will see devastating effects on the environment not just locally, but also along the main transmission corridor connecting the power generators in the southwest with Eastern Terminal. It will also have negative impacts on the fast-developing local tourist industry along with many other local businesses.

My proven track record in opposing this project stands for itself.  I believe I can further this opposition as a member of parliament in several ways by:

a) providing a strong voice for the hills community and businesses;

b) working to support the Council's push to have state forest around Hacketts Gully included into the adjacent National Park;

c) lobbying the EPA to set a high level of environmental review with the view to the future footprint it would encompass;

d) lobbying Western Power, the other electricity utilities and the state government to look for alternative ways to secure the electrical network, upgrade existing infrastructure and address demand side management in a meaningful way

e) lobbying for a solar electricity rebate system to be introduced in Western Australia, similar to the similar to that which exists at a federal level, with feed-in tarrifs to attract greater investment in photo-voltaic panels at a household level, with the aim of reducing the need for expanding the transmission capacity of the SWIS.

f) lobbying for the introduction of escalating electricity tariffs, similar to the system used for domestic water consumption, to drive down the demand for electricity.

The Greens party has a range of policies that support my position on Eastern Terminal. Specifically, The Greens want:

  • In  relation to climate change:
  • the Western Australian economy transformed to an efficient, low carbon economy powered mainly by renewable energy within this generation;
  • measures to anticipate and mitigate the impacts of climate change on human settlements and the natural environment.
  • In relation to energy:
  • reduced dependence on fossil fuels;
  • a transition, within this generation, to a low carbon economy based mainly on renewable energy;
  • a long-term State Energy Plan to help achieve these goals.
  • In relation to open and honest government:
  • to promote greater openness so that government deliberations, decisions and actions are transparent to the community who can hold government accountable;
  • to remove the ability of donors and lobbyists to exert disproportionate influence over government decision-making;
  • public participation at all levels of government and workplace decision-making;
  • all stakeholders involved in decision–making;
  • a commitment to consensus decision-making.
  • In relation to biodiversity:
  • a comprehensive, adequate, representative and secure reserve system linked across all bioregions;
  • to restore damaged ecosystems, and re-establish the linkages between remnant vegetation across all bioregions on both private and public land;
  • removal or mitigation of threats to biodiversity for example invasive weeds, introduced animals, inappropriate fire regimes and land clearing.
  • In relation to urban bush land:
  •  a halt to clearing of bushland and wetlands within the Perth Metropolitan Region and the South West of Western Australia.
  • In relation to native forest and woodlands:
  • protect and conserve all Western Australia’s native forest and woodland ecosystems;
  • restore the ecological integrity and natural heritage values of all our native forest and woodland ecosystems.
  • In relation to planning:
  • full community involvement in every stage of planning decisions at local and state levels;
  • public right of appeal on development and subdivision decisions to the State Administrative Tribunal.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my views with the SETS members and supporters.

Yours sincerely

Toni Warden

Greens Candidate for Kalamunda

Tony Simpson, Liberal, Darling Range

Dear Mr Davenport

I am writing in response to your letter questioning my position concerning the Eastern Terminal for the Perth Metropolitan power network proposed by Western Power.

I commit to opposing any proposal for Eastern Terminal that will significantly impact on the ability of nearby residents to enjoy the amenity of their property, without adequate financial compensation. I will also oppose any proposal where it can be proven that there is a high likelihood that it will significantly impact on the local environment or the water supply stored in Lake C.Y.O'Conner.

Once Western Power has returned to the community with a more detailed proposal, I will be able to comment further on this matter.

If you would like to discuss this issue with me further, please feel free to contact my office at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Simpson MP

Lisa Griffiths, Labor, Darling Range

NO REPLY.  Please see the update to the blog post for details about a phone conversation with Alan Lonsdale on 2 September 2008.

Denise Hardie, Greens, Darling Range

Hi all

Keep up the good work! This huge investment of tax payer dollars in yesterdays technology with its horrible implications on the enviroment, inappropriate developments (including facilitating bauxite mining) and residents health and amenity needs to be stopped.

Be assured that The Greens will do everything possible to stop the Eastern Terminal sub station.

Vote Green!

In Unity

Denise Hardie

Candidate for the Greens Darling Range

Helen Morton, Liberal, East Metro

Dear John

Thank you for your letter of 7 August 2008 on behalf of the Stop the Eastern Terminal Action Group.

Having attended one of your meetings in March and subsequently asking two Questions on Notice in the Legislative Council (see copies attached) and availing my staff to assist with this and with other background research, I believe I have shown that I am committed to doing what I can to make sure that all parties are held accountable and responsible in the planning and consultation of a proposed Eastern Terminal switchyard/substation.

In particular, I want to see clear evidence that this additional substation is essential, that alternative sites are throroughly considered and investigated, and that whatever site is chosen, environmental and social impacts are minimal.

It is my understanding that Western Power is commencing a "new start" to their community consultation process. I look forward to being kept abreast of this new start, and again avail myself and my staff to help the Stop the Eastern Terminal Action Group.

Yours sincerely

Hon Helen Morton MLC

Member for East Metropolitan Region

Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Women's Interests.

Donna Faragher, Liberal, East Metro


Stephen Blizard, Liberal, East Metro


Alyssa Hayden, Liberal, East Metro

As a Hill's Girl who grew up in Mt Helena, I understand the need for additional electricity infrastructure and that Western Power has a duty to provide the residents of this region the same service provided to inner metropolitan suburbs.

However, Western Power must be responsible and discuss the proposed terminal site with the local community and consider ALL options and alternatives.

The environmental and social impacts need to be conveyed to Western Power and is essential to the decision making process.

I understand that John Day, the Member for Darling Range and Shadow Minister for Planning and Energy is making this very clear to both Western Power and the current Government.

If elected on the 6th September, I will join John Day in ensuring that this process is taken seriously.

Alyssa Hayden

Liberal for East Metropolitan Region

Jock Ferguson, Labor, East Metro


Ljiljanna Ravlich, Labor, East Metro


Linda Savage, Labor, East Metro


Alison Xamon, Greens, East Metro

Dear John,

The Greens would like to confirm our strong opposition to the proposed Eastern Terminal in Hacketts Gully.

The primary reasons for our opposition are as follows:

We remain concerned that the proposed location for the Eastern Terminal resides within a prime water catchment.

We are concerned that the creation of the Eastern Terminal will open the gates to a future expansion into a terminal substation.  Apart from the increased detrimental impact on the quality of the water catchment

We are also concerned as to the resultant level of clearing of bushland which would be required for both the substation itself as well as for the main transmission lines.

We are concerned that the existence of the terminal will lead to an expansion of industry and development in the region at a time when we need to be working towards protection of the remaining forests.

We are concerned that the creation of such a Terminal indicates a “business as usual” approach by Western Power in terms of an ongoing reliance on coal powered stations to supply our energy needs at a time when locally produced renewables should be given serious consideration and implementation.

We are concerned that the consultation with local residents has been insufficient.

We are concerned at the increased risk of fire associated with the Terminal and the risk this poses to residents, their homes, and the bushland.

The Greens have a holistic vision and series of policies which highlight our commitment to retaining our precious remaining urban bushland, protecting our water catchment areas, making the rapid transmission to a renewable energy future in order to deal with the urgent crisis of Climate Change, and importantly our commitment to appropriate community consultation.

The Hon Giz Watson, Greens member for North Metropolitan is in the process of finalizing her “Hills Bill”, details of which can be found at the following link giz-watson.net.issues/PerthHills   Importantly, as a direct result of the latest developments in Hacketts Gully Giz had already undertaken further amendment of the Bill to ensure that developments such as public works are now explicitly captured within the Bill.  If elected,

I will be taking carriage of the Hills Bill and it will be the first piece of legislation I will be introducing, after another period of community consultation.

The Greens full suite of policies can be found at www.wa.greens.org.au


Alison Xamon

Greens Lead Candidate for East Metropolitan