Questions and Answers

What Western Power didn't tell you! 

Below are answers to questions people are now asking......

  1. What is the difference between a switchyard and a Terminal Substation?  

    In this particular case - nothing. Western Power has consistently outlined plans for a terminal substation. This would be constructed in stages, the first would be for a 4 ha switchyard (a connection point for transmission lines of the same voltage). Shortly after the facility would be developed into a full 20 ha substation with transformers and additional 27 transmission lines running in all directions!

  2. Why does Western Power want this in Hacketts Gully? 

    In short, it’s cheaper for it and it has already spent money on “dog legging” the transmission lines up to Hacketts Gully. In the state forest, it can build to what ever size it wants, and it believes no one can stop it!

  3. Can the Eastern Terminal and Gantry go somewhere else?  

    Yes! If you look at the picture below, this is one of the options it considered. It could even upgrade the Hazelmere substation if it wanted to.

  4. Will it affect my property value?

    It depends! There is no saying where the transmission lines will go. However there is no doubt that new power lines will be constructed to link Eastern Terminal with Perth.  Here is one very real possibility.  This estimate is based on current transmission lines and our extensive research into the current power network and the history of this issue over the last 20 years.  The centre of the web is the site of the substation in Hackett's Gully, just 6km down Mundaring Weir Rd from Kalamunda. 


  5. Has Western Power been up front?

    No! Western Power started all this over 20 years ago. It has been continually opposed by the Shire of Kalamunda and the local residents of Hacketts Gully (refer to our "Updates" page for full details). Western Power promised the Hacketts Gully residents in 2002 that it would not proceed with this development, only to come back to them to tell them it had changed its mind.

  6. Are we telling you the truth?

    Sadly - yes! Western Power has tried to sneak this project in under our noses, but we the SETS Group have worked hard to keep everyone informed. Please use our wizard to write to Western Power and have your say!  Alternatively contact us for a pro-forma letter to which you can optionally add your own comments.