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Think You're Making a Difference to Global Warming? Think Again.

On 27 December 2007 the Western Australian Government announced it had underwritten a new A$500m ($437m) coal fired power station at Collie.


Why is State Forest So Important for Water Catchment

Water is one of the most important resources we obtain from forests. It is vital for all living things. 


History of Hacketts Gully and Western Power

It started a long time before October last year!  A chronological history from 1990 to present.


Western Power's preferred Eastern Terminal Site!

It is the SETS Group's firm belief that Western Power’s preferred site for the Eastern Terminal substation is in Hackett’s Gully, in state forest east of Kalamunda.


Why does Western Power want to destroy Kalamunda State Forest?

Western Power’s decision to build the terminal substation in the study area is based only on technical and economic factors.



The Stop the Eastern Terminal Substation Group would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the very real threat to Kalamunda’s forest, our local industries and our homes and lifestyles.  Western Power are proposing a massive electrical Terminal substation, called Eastern Terminal, to be constructed in Kalamunda State Forest.  This facility has the potential to be huge.  It will devastate our beautiful community and the forest that we all love.

We have been very busy not only trying to halt the Western Power project, but also creating this website so that our community and supporters can be better informed about the enormity of the Eastern Terminal project and its potential devastating consequences, to the Hills community. History has proven that we can't count on Western Power to tell us all the impacts we are facing. If you are concerned about the environmental importance of the State Forest, or concerned what this might do to the value of your property, please take the time to read our website and continue to update yourself on the latest developments.



Find Out! enables you to link to articles of relevance, published reports relating to Eastern Terminal, press items, the letters library and any submissions and presentations. This is also a way for you to track our progress so far.

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