What can I do?

The SETS Action Group urgently needs your support. You can help our campaign in a number of ways. These could include:

Write your submission on the Site Selection Process before 16 June 2008  Done!

Financial assistance

  • SETS is a community based organisation, with no tax-deductible status.  We run on the work of a few volunteers, and as such require donations for printing of leaflets and posters; hosting charges and renewal of the domain name; providing general office materials and services, and educating the community on Western Power’s proposal, through advertisements and education avenues.


  • Depending on your time you might decide to share your skills and expertise.  Your skills are welcomed as there is a wide range of needs and activities you can help with: from campaigning,  research work, computer skills, administration, community meetings promotion, letter writing, letter-boxing of leaflets and the handing-out of flyers.

Become a Committee Member!

  • If you have the time, please register your interest in joining our Committee.  We have a stong need to reinforce our committee's numbers, in order to provide more "hands on deck".

Letter writing


We are encouraging people to write to the Premier, Ministers AND local newspapers.  We don't have a standard letter, as we have been advised that personal letters in the writer's own words are far more influential.  And personal letters are more likely to receive a reply.

To keep the political pressure on, we really need people to write to local newspapers (especially the Hills Gazette, Echo and The West Australian) as well as politicians, as our experience is that media pressure, including through letters to newspapers, is having an effect.


Hon. Francis (Fran) Logan MLA, Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise.  Ministerial Office: 10th Floor, London House, 216 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000.  Email: francis.logan@dpc.wa.gov.au    Electorate Office: Email: francis.logan@mp.wa.gov.au

Hon. David Templeman MLA, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change  Ministerial Office: 29th Floor, Allendale Square, 77 St George's Terrace, Perth WA 6000.  Email: david-templeman@dpc.wa.gov.au    Electorate Office: Email: david.templeman@mp.wa.gov.au

Hon. John Kobelke MLA, Minister for Water Resources   Ministerial Office: 20th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St George's Terrace, Perth WA 6000.  Email: john.kobelke@dpc.wa.gov.au Electorate Office: Email: john.kobelke@mp.wa.gov.au

Hon. Nicholas (Nick) Griffiths MLC (Government East Metropolitan MLC) Parliament Office: Parliament House, Perth WA 6000.  Email: lcoogan@parliament.wa.gov.auElectorate Office: Email: sonya.rivett@mp.wa.gov.au


Hills Gazette: The Editor, Community Comment, Hills Gazette, P.O.Box 162, Mundaring 6073. email: hillsgazette@communitynews.com.au

Echo: The Editor, Echo, PO Box 317, Midland 6936. email: editorial@echo_news.com

The West Australian: The Editor, West Australian, GPO Box N1027, Perth 6843. email: letters@wanews.com.au

Letters of Appreciation

There has been one politician who has been VERY supportive in helping the SETS Group with political pressure. We would ask our supporters to equally write a letter of appreciation to the Hon Helen Morton, MLC for her heartfelt efforts to protect such a special area and represent the interests of the community.

Hon Helen Morton, MLC (Opposition East Metropolitan MLC) Unit 2, 201-205 Burslem Drive Maddington, 6109.   Email:helen.morton@mp.wa.gov.au