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Hills Gazette (16/08/08) Win for Power Protest

A group fighting the construction of an electrical switchyard in the Hills is celebrating after Western Power announced it would take the project back to the drawing board....


Echo (16/08/08) Terminal discussed at meeting

Western Power's General Manager in Customer Services Mark de Laeter addressed the Shire of Kalamunda's Planning and Services Committee regarding the proposed Eastern Terminal switchyard. Over 80 people filled the chamber to demonstrate their disapproval of Western Power's lack of community consultation...


Hills Gazette (July 2008) Walk Trail damaged

Western Power has admitted two of its contractors damaged areas of a walking trail in Kalamunda during recent maintenance.


Hills Gazette (28/06/08) Substation in activists firing line

A newly formed group of Hills climate activists will fight the proposed construction of the eastern terminal electricity substation.


Hills Gazette (28/06/08) Tsunami of salt is a real killer

...Lo and behold on the same page is a big advertisement - an invitation from Western Power. The subject is basically land clearing for its new power line.


Hills Gazette (24/05/08) - Sparks fly over switch

Western Power have conceded they should have provided Hills residents with clearer information about the development of an Eastern Terminal Substation.


Hills Gazette (19/04/08) - Fears over power plan

A group opposing Western Power's plans to build an eastern terminal substation in the Hills fear the community will not receive a fair hearing during the next round of consultation.


Hills Gazette Letter to the Editor (19/04/08) - Why the change?

"I note with interest that Ian Buchanan from Western Power (Geologist's ideas rejected, Gazette, April 5) confirmed the southeastern terminal and the recommissioning of the transmission line are required in addition to the eastern terminal..."


The West Australian (17/04/08) - Plan to build more coal power stations

Coal magnate Rick Stowe is planning to capitalise on the high price of domestic gas by spending up to $1.2 billion building 3 new power stations in a move that will put further pressure on the WA Government's greenhouse targets.


Hills Gazette (05/04/08) - Geologist's idea rejected

Western Power has rejected a suggestion from a Hills Geologist that its planned eastern terminal substation is unnecessary.


Hills Gazette (29/03/08) - Hacketts Gully plea

Kalamunda Shire Council wants the State Government to extend Kalamunda National Park to incorporate an area of the state forest at Hacketts Gully.


Hills Gazette Letter to the Editor (29/03/08) - Residents must be consulted

"I am very concerned at Western Power's announcement of the building of a gantry on Mundaring Weir Road and upgrade of the existing 132,0000 volt line between Boddington and this new gantry."


Hills Gazette (22/03/08) - Council speaks out on station

Kalamunda Shire Council has expressed its intense opposition to the area Western Power is studying as a site for a planned eastern terminal substation.


Hills Gazette (15/03/08) - Calls to Delay Plan

A group opposed to Western Power's proposed eastern terminal substation in the Hills has urged energy minister Francis Logan to halt construction of a temporary gantry structure planned for Hacketts Gully.


Hills Gazette (01/03/08) - Group to fight for land

Tourism operators in the Hills have joined forces to fight Western Power's plans to build an eastern terminal substation in the Hills.


Hills Gazette Letter to the Editor (01/03/08) - Western Power plot thickens - Mr John Davenport, Bickley

"I note that Mr de Laeter claims the main reason for a "hills connection" to the metropolitan grid is because of new power stations being built at Collie".


Hills Gazette Letter to the Editor (23/02/08) - Home not yet chosen for ET - Mr Mark de Laete, General Manager, Customer Services, Western Power

"In response to the letter from John Davenport from Bickley, published in the February 16 issue, I assure residents that Western Power has not chosen a location for the proposed Eastern Terminal (ET) substation."


Hills Gazette Letter to the Editor (16/02/08) - Stealth at work over project - Mr John Davenport, Bickley

"Western Power's announcement of the reconstruction of the Collie to Hacketts Gully transmission line strongly suggests that it has chosen a site for the eastern terminal in the Hacketts Gully area."


# Hills Gazette (09/02/08) - People power ignored

An action group fighting the construction of an electricity substation in the Hills believes Western Power has no interest in consulting the community over a site.


Hills Gazette (15/12/07) - Substation put on backburner

Opponents to a proposed electrical terminal substation in the Hills have won a 12 month reprieve, with Western Power this week announcing it needs more time to consult the community.


Echo Newspaper (14/11/07) - Shire seeks consultation

Kalamunda Shire Council will request a consultation with Western Power on the proposal for the new Eastern Sub Terminal.


Hills Gazette (10/11/07) - Substation fight on

Opposition is mounting against Western Power's proposed Eastern Terminal Substation in the Hills.


Echo Newspaper (10/11/07) - Terminal Call

Darling Range MLA John Day has called for the State Government to listen to concerns of local residents about a new terminal substation to be constructed in the Kalamunda District.


Kalgoorlie Miner (Oct 07) - Threat to goldfields water

Goldfields drinking water could be at risk of contamination if a proposed Western Power substation is established in Kalamunda, according to Kalamunda Shire Councillor Frank Lindsay.


Echo Newspaper (Oct 07) - Substation site up for discussion

Residents will take an active role in the selection of a site for a new $180 million terminal substation in the Kalamunda-Mundaring area, according to Western Power.


Hills Gazette (29/05/99) - Substation opposed

Kalamunda Shire Council will "vehemently" oppose a bid by Western Power to build a substation near Mundaring Weir Road in Hacketts Gully.


Eastern Terminal project update & Shire elections

by John Davenport 9/19/2011 4:15:00 PM

September 2011 Update

Eastern Terminal Project

Western Power’s Eastern Terminal project remains deferred. Current information from Western Power’s website states that the new switchyard ‘will not be required until 2017 at the earliest’.

The South East Terminal, due for construction at Oldbury south of Armadale, and linked to an upgraded Wells (Boddington) to Hacketts Gully line will not be required “for at least three years” (as of September 2011). Western Power’s information indicates that this project has not progressed to regulatory approval stage ‘due to the uncertainty regarding the timeframe for new generation in the area and that alternative generation developments have deferred the need for this network reinforcement’.

The most recent Western Power information session held in Forrestfield in November 2010 saw the release of the Corporation’s Annual Planning Report. This report and the new generation of Western Power personnel present at that session indicate that there has been some philosophical changes in Western Power’s management of power transmission. For instance, the current unconstrained network access model is to be replaced with a constrained access model which optimises the economic return from the transmission and distribution network. This means that reinforcements (new lines and switchyards) would no longer be driven by the need for all generators to be able to export the maximum amount of power for which they are contracted, but rather to generate sufficient power to meet load requirements.

Further,  South West Integrated System (SWIS) power is transmitted using a 330kV transmission system linked in parallel with an underlying 132 kV system. Western Power’s new approach is to unparallel the 330kV and 132 kV transmission systems at various points in the network to improve the utilisation of the 330kV transmission network. At least one Western Power representative at the Forrestfield session said this was currently as low as 30 percent!

We feel these changes are significant in the management of and transmission of power. The SETS Group remains vigilant in monitoring Western Power’s plans for our area and will, when required, inform our supporters of any developments that may affect the above timelines.

Shire of Kalamunda Elections

September 2011, SOUTH - EAST WARD

Councillor Frank Lindsey who co-founded the SETS Group to oppose Western Power’s Eastern Terminal project, and who is the only Kalamunda Shire Councillor living in and representing the eastern section of the shire is standing for re-election in the South - East Ward.

Frank played a key role in our campaign and was instrumental in activating the Shire’s opposition to Western Power’s plan. It will be very important in combating any attempt by Western Power to reactivate their plans in the near term that Frank’s expertise is retained on the Kalamunda Council. Here is Frank's re-election flyer (911.13 kb) for your information and consideration.

Griffin Coal – Bluewaters Power Stations  

When Griffin Coal lost their contract to supply Verve power stations with Collie Coal, the management of Griffin Coal undertook the construction of the Bluewaters Power Stations based on an economic model that saw Griffin Coal supply coal to Bluewaters at very low prices. Much of Bluewaters  power goes to the Boddington gold mine whose owners paid for the upgrade of the Collie to Boddington transmission line. It is reported that only ten percent of Bluewaters generation goes to the state’s electricity grid.

The receivership of both Griffin Coal and Bluewaters in 2010 and the subsequent sale of these two companies (Griffin Coal to the Indian owned, Lanco Infratech, and Bluewaters to Japanese owned, Kansai Electric Power and Sumitomo Corporation) has seemingly further muddied the waters as far as the SWIS Reinforcement project is concerned.

Lanco Infratech has found itself straddled with a supply contract that is uneconomic for Griffin Coal. It was reported in June 2011 that Lanco Infratech wants to export as much coal as possible to India and was even prepared to pay a damages penalty rather than supply coal to Bluewaters. It was only on the intervention of Premier Barnett that this crisis was averted, but negotiations are yet to resolve this situation.

One can only speculate that if the reinforcement of the SWIS (by the upgrade of the Boddington to Hacketts Gully line and construction of the Eastern Terminal at a cost of 190 million dollars) had been completed by the Western Power timeline of Summer 2010, Western Australian taxpayers may now be facing the prospect of owning an expensive white elephant!

Thanks for your continued support.

John Davenport
Co-convenor SETS Group

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